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	Books indexed by Terry Casey

	Psychology/Sociology/Social Sciences/History/Political Science
	Instructional Strategies for Secondary School Physical Educators 5E, 
	           Harrison/Blackmore/Buck, 2000, McGraw-Hill Companies
	Discovering Psychology 2E, Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2000, Worth
	Altering States, Berdahl, Bunzl & Lampland, 2000, University of Michigan Press
	Research Methods in the Social Sciences 6E, Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias
	           1999, Worth Publishing
	Connecting with Our Children, Gilbert, 1999, John Wiley & Sons, Inc
	The Constitution and Its Amendments, 1998, Simon &Schuster
	Where the World Ends, Berdahl, 1998, University of California Press
	World History, Speilvogel, 1997, West Publishing Co.
	Human Services, 1997, Graphic World Publishing
	Introduction to Child Development 6E, Dworetzky, 1996, West Publishing Co.
	Deviance: Rulemakers and Rulebreakers, Heitzeg, 1995, West Publishing Co.
	Young Children: An Introduction to Early Childhood Education
	           Graves/Gargiulo/Sluder, 1995, West Publishing Co.
	Psychology 4E, Roediger, 1995, West Publishing Co.
	World Civilization, Adler, 1995, West Publishing Co.
	Criminal Justice: Principles and Perspectives, Holman/Quinn, 1995, 
	           West Publishing Co.
	Sociology, Brinkerhoff, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	Texas Politics, Kramer/Newell, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	Social Psychology, Brewer/Crano, 1993, West Publishing Co.
	Family Life: Relationships and Decisions, Cox, 1993, West Publishing Co.
	Contemporary Moral Problems 4E, White, 1993, West Publishing Co.
	Psychology, Smith, 1992, West Publishing Co.
	Child Development 2E, Harris, 1992, West Publishing Co.
	American Government: Politics & Citizenship, Waltman, 1992, West Publishing 
	Sociology 5E, Shepard, 1992, West Publishing Co.

	College Algebra and Trigonometry, Dwyer/Gruenwald, 1996, West Publishing 
	Understanding Statistics, Pagano, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	College Algebra, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	Physics, Ostaiek/Bord, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	Geology and the Environment, Pipkin, 1993, West Publishing Co.
	Changing Earth: Exploring Geology and Evolution, The, 
	           Monroe/Wicander, 1993, West Publishing Co.

	Smart Aging, Hodgson, 1999, John Wiley & Sons, Inc
	The Complete Fertility Organizer, Miller, 1999, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
	The Nursing Home Decision, Martin, 1999, John Wiley & Sons, Inc
	Directory of American Youth Organizations, 1998, Free Spirit Publishing
	Nursing Assistant Handbook, 1998, Graphic World Publishing
	Diabetes 101, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	Growing Up With Diabetes, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	A Break in Your Cycle, Francis-Cheung, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	The Sinusitis Help Book, Williams, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	Diabetes Care for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers, Betschart, 1998,
	           Chronimed Publishing
	Heart Defects in Children, Wild, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	Vitamins, Minerals, and Dietary Supplements, Hudnall, 1998, Chronimed 
	Food Folklore, Duyff, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	A Touch of Diabetes, Jovanovic-Peterson/Peterson/Stone, 1998, Chronimed
	Nutrition Now, Brown, International Thomson Publishing, 1998
	Radiographic Pathology for Technicians, 1997, Graphic World Publishing
	Respiratory Care Pharmacology, 1997, Graphic World Publishing
	Medical Law and Ethics, 1997, Graphic World Publishing
	Marketing of the Continuum of Care, 1997, Graphic World Publishing
	Orthotics in Rehabilitation, 1997, Graphic World Publishing
	Foundations of Personal Fitness, Rainey/Murray, 1996, West Publishing Co.
	Drugs Across the Spectrum, Goldberg, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	Aqua Aerobics Today, Casten, 1993, West Publishing Co.

	Economics 5E, Arnold, 2000
	Business Statistics 3E, Black, 2000, 
	Economics for Today 2E, Tucker, 1999,  Lachina Publishing Services
	International Dimensions of Marketing, Terpstre, 1999, Bookmasters, Inc.
	Machine Transcription:Applied Language Skills, 1998, Paradigm Publishing Inc
	Economics, Gottheil, 1998, Lachina Publishing Services
	Your Career Adventure, 1998, International Thomson Publishing
	The Paradigm College Accounting, Dansby/Kaliski/Lawrence, 1998, Paradigm 
	           Publishing Inc.
	Informed Investor, 1997, Megabooks
	Organizational Behavior 2E, Nelson/Quick, 1996, West Publishing Co.
	Business Statistics: Contemporary Decision Making 2E, Black, 1996, 
	           West Publishing Co.
	The Financial System and the Economy, Burton/Lombra, 1996, West Publishing
	Foundations of Financial Management, Lee/Finnerty/Norton, 1996, 
	           West Publishing Co.
	International Management: A Cultural Approach, Rodrigues, 1995, 
	           West Publishing Co.
	Marketing 5E, Zikmund/d'Amico, 1995, West Publishing Co.
	Management and Control of Quality 3E, Evans/Lindsay, 1995, West Publishing
	Family Economics, Kimbrell, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	Marketing Research, McDaniel/Gates, 1994, West Publishing Co.	
	Concepts in Federal Taxation, Murphy, 1994,95, 96, 97, 98, 99 West Publishing
	Economic Issues for Consumers 7E, Miller/Stafford, 1993, West Publishing Co.
	Modern Office Procedures, Barrett/Kimbrell/Odgers, 1993, West Publishing Co.		
	Consumer Economics, Miller, 1992, West Publishing Co.
	Contemporary Marketing Research 2E, McDaniel/Gates, 1992, West Publishing 
	Supervision 2E, Timm, 1991, West Publishing Co.
	Complete Speaker: An Introduction to Public Speaking 3E, Peterson/ 
	           Stephen/White, 1991, West Publishing Co.
	Economics of Macro Issues 7E, Miller/Benjamin, 1991, West Publishing Co.

	Secrets of the Turkey Pro, Sapir, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	PGA Wives' Cookbook, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Hunting Predators, Krahn, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	You Deserve Dessert, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	The Gardener's Butterfly Book, Branhagen, 2000, North American Outdoor
	Scoring Zone, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Pasta Cookbook, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Holiday Entertaining, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Whitetail Success, Gutschow, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Elk Essentials, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Whitetail Wisdom, Gutschow, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Poultry Cookbook, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Practical Fishing Tips, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Nature's Bounty, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Veggie Cookbook, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	How to Catch Pike & Muskie, Sternberg, 2000, North American Outdoor Group
	Mule Deer, Robb, 1999, North American Outdoor Group
	Rifle Book, Sternberg, 1999, North American Outdoor Group
	Live Bait, Sternberg, 1999, North American Outdoor Group
	History of Fishing, Pfeiffer., 1999, North American Outdoor Group
	How to Catch Panfish, Sternberg., 1999, North American Outdoor Group
	Salsa Cookbook, 1998, Chronimed Publishing, North American Outdoor Group
	The Carbohydrate Counting Cookbook, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	I Made It Myself, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	Bed & Breakfast Cookbook, Smith, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	The Food Allergy News Cookbook, Munoz-Furlong, 1998, Chronimed 
	Members' Cookbook, 1998, Image Smythe
	Magic Spices, Weihofen, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	Good Food, Bad Foods, Havala, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	Cooking Vegetarian, Melina/Forest, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	The Weeknight Survival Cookbook, Irwin, 1998, Chronimed Publishing
	No-Fuss Diabetes Recipes for 1 or 2, Boucher/Hayes/Stephenson, 1998, 	
	           Chronimed Publishing
	Simply the Best Chicken, 1997, Megabooks	
	Perennials, 1997, North American Outdoor Group
	Cut-flower Gardens, 1997, North American Outdoor Group
	Kitchen Gardens, 1997, North American Outdoor Group
	Container Gardening, 1997, North American Outdoor Group

	Harcourt Brace Grade 1 Literature, 2000, Harcourt Brace
	Harcourt Brace Grade 2 Literature, 2000, Harcourt Brace
	Literature and the Language Arts: EMC Masterpiece Series, 1999-2000, EMC 
	           Paradigm Publishing
	Advertising, Guinne, Allen & Semenik, 1999, Lachina Publishing
	Journalism Matters, 1997, Graphic World Publishing
	Listening to Music, Wright, 1996, West Publishing Co.
	Graphic Communication Today 3E, Conover, 1995, West Publishing Co.
	Themes and Foundations of Art, Lankford, 1994, West Publishing Co.
	Experiencing Art Around Us, Buser, 1994, West Publishing Co.

	Benchmark Series: Microsoft 2000 Expert, Rutkosky, 1999, EMC Paradigm
	Internet Explorer, 1997, Lachina Publishing Services
	Microcomputers Today, Mandell, 1996, West Publishing Co.
	Introduction to Computers Using Macintosh with BASIC,
 	           Mandell/Thompson/Flynn, 1992, West Publishing Co.
 	Computers: Tools for Today, Melnyk, 1991, West Publishing Co.
	AutoCAD Fundamentals, Schwendau, 1991, West Publishing Co.

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